IT Project Manager Salary in UK

To explore job opportunities and find out more about salary expectations for IT Project Managers in the UK, you can visit the job search section. As an IT Project Manager, there are various career development opportunities available in the UK. You can enhance your skills and knowledge through certifications, training programs, and continuous professional development. To explore different career paths and gain valuable insights, you can seek career advice specifically tailored for IT Project Managers. As an IT Project Manager in the UK, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the average salaries in the Information Technology (IT) industry.

If you’re looking to increase your salary as an IT Project Manager in the UK, there are several strategies you can employ. These include gaining additional certifications, acquiring new skills, taking on more responsibilities, and demonstrating exceptional performance. By continuously improving your skills and proving your value to the organization, you can position yourself for salary advancements and promotions.

Creating an IT Project Manager CV

The average IT salaries can vary depending on factors such as experience, qualifications, and location. To get a better idea of the average salary range for IT professionals in the UK, you can refer to average Information Technology (IT) salaries. Aside from the base salary, IT Project Managers in the UK may receive additional compensation such as bonuses, profit-sharing, and benefits packages. It’s important to consider the complete compensation package when evaluating job offers and negotiating your salary.

As an IT Project Manager, you may occasionally be required to work extra hours or take on additional duties to meet project deadlines or address urgent issues. While these extra hours and duties may be demanding, they can also provide opportunities for increased compensation. how to become a project manager Investing in your professional development as an IT Project Manager can have a direct impact on your earnings. By staying updated with the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices, you can enhance your expertise and become a sought-after professional.

How to Become a IT Project Manager

To ensure your CV stands out from the competition, you can use a professionally designed CV template specifically tailored for IT Project Managers. They organise resources, control budgets and timelines, collect and analyse data, problem-solve issues, and maintain certificates and relevant documentation. Job postings that featured IT Project Manager in the job title as a proportion of all IT jobs advertised. The first table below provides salary benchmarking and summary statistics including a comparison to same period in the previous 2 years. The median IT Project Manager salary in the UK is £54,000 per year according to job vacancies posted during the 6 months to 25 January 2024.

Experienced IT Project Managers in the UK can expect higher salaries compared to their entry-level counterparts. With a proven track record and a wealth of experience, you can negotiate for a competitive salary package. For the 6 months to 25 January 2024, IT Project Manager job roles required the following skills and capabilities in order of popularity. The figures indicate the absolute number co-occurrences and as a proportion of all permanent job ads featuring IT Project Manager in the job title. Your CV should highlight your relevant skills, qualifications, and experience in managing IT projects.

Salary by Region

Continuous learning and professional development can open doors to higher-paying opportunities and career advancement. The following table is for comparison with the above and includes summary statistics for all permanent IT job vacancies. As such, the figures in the second row provide an indication of the number of permanent jobs in our overall sample. If you’re a newly qualified IT Project Manager, it’s essential to have realistic salary expectations. While entry-level positions may offer lower salaries, they provide an opportunity to gain valuable experience and develop your skills.

it project manager salary

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